Outdoor Recommendations June 6, 2022

LakeShore Evanston Walking and Biking Path

I myself live closest to the Lee Street beach access point so i often start my abbreviated walk from this point.  If you start down at Sheridan and South Blvd. you likely will get to the 8000 steps mentioned in this webpage.  I do want to state that parking along this beach path route is NOW a pay parking site and NO LONGER free of charge.  Do be aware of that change in status.  There are so many things to see while out walking and also friends to bump into.  Be aware this is a shared walking biking path and some places you can move over to sandy path walks where it tends to discourage the bikers, skaters and scooters.


I encourage you to get out there and be one with nature- in the spring its fun to check on the baby ducks or the native flowers poking their heads thru the beach grass.  We also have a wonderful bird sanctuary. Bathrooms are available along the route when the beaches open for the season and firepits and picnic tables are for rent if you want to host a gathering.

Beach tokens and entrance are FREE this year (2022) for all Evanston residents.

Enjoy and get out and take a walk.

More on the exact route found on this page: